Jessica Drury, Esq.

Jessica Drury, Esq.

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Jessica Drury, Esq. is an attorney at Redmond Law PLLC. It is a truth universally
acknowledged that no matter where she shows up, Ms. Drury is fully equipped to do
battle. When she takes on a case, her clients reap the benefit of her knowledge,
experience and intense investment. Armed with both litigation and in-house counsel
experience, Ms. Drury brings to the firm a solid command of civil litigation and business
contract law.

Having a reputation for being intuitive and personable, Ms. Drury maintains strong
relationships with her clients and consistently grasps and works to achieve each client’s
desired results. Specializing in commercial, personal injury, and intellectual property law,
she advocates powerfully for corporate entities and individuals in intricate legal matters
in New York.

Areas of Expertise:

* Commercial Litigation
* Corporate Law
* Transactional Law and Contracts
* Personal Injury Law
* Labor, Employment, and Discrimination Law
* Intellectual Property Law
* Civil Litigation