Project Disputes and Claims

  1. Extra Work / Changed Conditions

  2. Prompt Payment of Contract Balance and Retainage

  3. Scope of Work Disputes

  4. Acceleration and Delay Claims

  5. Backcharges

  6. Payment and Performance Bond Claims

Project Disputes and Claims

Redmond Law works with clients to ensure claims are preserved pursuant to the law and the contract, whether for extra work, non-payment, delay, acceleration, changed conditions, bond claims or labor disputes.  We are experienced in preparing construction claims in the private and public sectors and pursuing them through administrative procedures, mediation, arbitration and litigation.   Our goal at Redmond Law is to help our clients run smooth, timely and profitable construction projects.  And, when issues do arise, we provide swift and effective representation to protect our clients' rights, ensure they get paid and facilitate timely completion of the work. 

From the moment a dispute or potential claim arises, Redmond Law positions our clients for the best possible outcome on issues including:

  1. Extra work

  2. Changed conditions

  3. Scope of work disputes

  4. Acceleration

  5. Delays

  6. Prompt payment of Contract balance & retainage

  7. Backcharges

  8. Construction defects

  9. Design defects

  10. Property damage

  11. Payment & performance bond claims

  12. Insurance coverage and claim disputes

  13. Labor Issues

  14. Mechanic's liens

Our services include:

  1. Claim evaluation and consultation

  2. Counseling and drafting contractually-required notices to preserve claims

  3. Presentation of claims to public agencies and administrative appeals

  4. Drafting, managing and prosecuting payment and performance bond claims

  5. Filing and foreclosing on mechanic's liens

  6. Pursuing trust fund diversions

  7. Public agency dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, and litigation

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