Project Disputes and Claims

  1. Extra Work / Changed Conditions

  2. Prompt Payment of Contract Balance and Retainage

  3. Scope of Work Disputes

  4. Acceleration and Delay Claims

  5. Backcharges

  6. Payment and Performance Bond Claims

Legal Consulting for Construction

Knowledge of the law and how it applies is the most important tool to avoiding unnecessary disputes, and winning those disputes that do arise.  To that end, Redmond Law draws on years of experience in all facets of construction law to help its clients implement practices and policies to help its clients avoid liability and position themselves for success on all of their projects.

Our consulting services include:

  1. Drafting form contracts and subcontracts for construction and development

  2. Review and summary of key contract provisions

  3. Drafting and negotiating revisions to key terms prior to contract signing

  4. Counseling on positioning for claims for extra work, changed conditions, liquidated damages, and delays

  5. Drafting form notices for delays, changed conditions, and extra work claims

  6. Development of labor law policies and procedures

  7. Development and training of staff in payment requisition and claim submission procedures

  8. Advice and consultation regarding insurance and bonding matters

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