Project Disputes and Claims

  1. Extra Work / Changed Conditions

  2. Prompt Payment of Contract Balance and Retainage

  3. Scope of Work Disputes

  4. Acceleration and Delay Claims

  5. Backcharges

  6. Payment and Performance Bond Claims

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Redmond Law ensures our clients are equipped with project specific contracts that are drafted to resolve issues that arise during the course of the project.  Regardless of the type of contract we are drafting, whether for a public or private job, for the owner, construction manager or the contractor, we draft construction contracts to suit the needs of the client and the project. 

In addition, Redmond Law's attorneys apply their years of experience and expertise in construction law to review and analyze construction contracts, advise on key provisions and draft revisions to protect our clients' interests throughout their projects.  Our contract review services provide our clients with the knowledge they need to ensure their claims are preserved, minimize liability and getting paid on time.  Our services include:

Contract Drafting

  1. Forward thinking contract drafting and negotiation for smooth project completion 

  2. Drafting comprehensive public subcontracts covering all public agency requirements

  3. Providing clients with a summary of all contract requirements on public projects

  4. Innovative plans for collecting payment during the course of the project

  5. Drafting, review, revising and negotiation of all AIA form contracts

  6. Ensure clients are well positioned for extra work, changed conditions and delay claims

  7. Negotiation on project start issues: site preparation, abatement of hazardous materials, concealed conditions and scope of work

  8. Drafting and negotiating agreements with neighboring owners

  9. Counseling on issues arising from collective bargaining agreements, project labor agreements and labor and employment law

  10. Develop and prepare corporate compliance plans for employment and labor policies

  11. Consultation throughout project on all job-related issues: payment, change orders, scope of work, mechanic's liens, defaults, termination, bond claims and labor issues.

Review and Negotiation of Contract Terms

  1. Review and summary of key contract provisions including payment, change orders, notice provisions, claims, damages for delay, retainage, liquidated damages, mechanic's liens, insurance and indemnity

  2. Advice and negotiation on contract provisions that expose clients to undue liability

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