Real Estate Litigation

Redmond Law represents a wide variety of clients ranging from commercial and residential owners and developers to larger corporations.  Redmond Law provides clients with strong, effective representation in the various disputes that may arise in the real estate world.

Redmond Law serves its clients through all stages of litigation, from the initial case evaluation, through claim submission, mediation, arbitration or trial, and appeal.  Our attorneys represent clients in a wide range of disputes including:

  1. Breach of lease and land sales contracts

  2. Claims for adverse possession

  3. Commercial Lease Litigation

  4. Cooperative and Condominium law

  5. Easement and boundary disputes

  6. Enforcement of judgment liens

  7. Foreclosures and deficiency judgments

  8. Purchase, sale and option agreements

  9. Real estate brokerage issues

  10. Real property disputes

  11. Specific performance involving the purchase and sale of real estate

  12. Title insurance and escrow disputes

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